مبرد اظافر اليكترونى للاطفال

275 ج.م

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* Advantages:

* Its use is safe for your child’s fingers, and you will be reassured while using it.

* Suitable for newborns and young children.

* Adults can also use it easily.

* Easy to use and it also has an easy-to-hold handle to trim your child's nails safely.

* It does not cause any harm to the child’s skin or nails.

* It has four speed levels to control your comfort in cutting nails.

* It has a LED light so you can easily see the result.

* Made of high quality and strong materials.

* Made of stainless steel.

* Its colors are beautiful, and your child will love that he always cuts his nails.

* Its small size means you can take it with you anywhere.

* Specifications:

* Electronic nail file